Runaway (Live at the Metro Theatre)

ARTISTMatt Corby
TRACKRunaway (Live at the Metro Theatre)
ALBUMLive at the Metro Theatre

easily hurt, does not keep emotions under control, envious, quick tempered, can’t do anything when they don’t feel good, emotional, bitter, attracted to things associated with sadness, has love/hate relationships with most things, sabotages self, more doubt than belief, thinks the world is a dangerous place, searches for identity, fears having no identity, suspicious of others, more past than future, desires security and support, fears being without guidance, familiar with the role of victim, hypersensitive, defensive, dependent on the support and nurturance of others, more feeling than doing, dislikes change, more likely to want a tattoo, can be hurtful, prefers to stick with things they know, wants to feel loved, fears being unwanted or unworthy of love, wants to enhance their self esteem, more likely to have taken anti depressants, prefers instant gratification, has trouble speaking when emotional

Our Window

ARTISTNoah and the Whale
TRACKOur Window
ALBUMFirst Days of Spring

~    T.S Elliot, Slow Dance (via averycactus)
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Naples 1956 by Thomas Hoepker
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This swallows me whole.

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M by Agafonova
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"you search every sky but all the stars are inside of me"

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~   Emil Cioran, On the Heights of Despair (via c-ovet)
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~   Advice For Those Who Love People They Shouldn’t | Hannah Beth Ragland (via asimetricna-vagina)
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